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Why are there so many types of crossfit workouts?

Functional fitness (aka CrossFit)


    It can be explained by a number of reasons. Crossfit is used everywhere: from law enforcement agencies to martial arts, athletics and motor sports. In total there are about 7 thousand different WOD workouts. The point is that each sport and its training task require definite WOD workout, specific crossfit training. For example, boxing requires crossfit workouts of the day for speed-strength endurance, marathoners – WOD, aimed at continuous intense endurance for about 5 hours... In addition, to prepare for crossfit competitions – Crossfit Open and Crossfit Games athletes need diverse workouts, which develop all qualities of an athlete: both physical and moral. Beginners, or just “amateurs”, people who keep in shape, lead a healthy lifestyle need lighter programs, which include crossfit bodyweight WOD – workouts with their own body weight.

    There are different types of WOD, such as hero, girls and even kids. In hero WOD, (which, if someone does not know, is named after the soldiers killed in battle and people of heroic professions) “the strongest survive” – they are extremely difficult and designed only for professional athletes. They are supposed to be worked out to prepare for crossfit games, the upcoming event is “Crossfit Games 2019”, which promises to be even hotter than in previous years, as the managers of Crossfit Games constantly introduce some unexpected element into the competition, in other words – “cherry on top”. And in order to be approved for Crossfit Game, athletes take part in the qualifying stages of Crossfit Open. Hero wod crossfit is very difficult, for example, bodyweight wod “Murf” (named after the soldier killed in battle in Afghanistan, who did this wod in a bulletproof vest): two rounds of running for 1.6 km (the beginning and the end of wod) +100 on the bar + 200 push-ups +300 squats.

    In addition, we can say that there are a lot of crossfit workouts, as it is a diverse sport, oriented in certain tasks. Science does not stand still and new WODs constantly appear. The concept of "crossfit programming" includes the correct and effective design of a training plan.

    You can train according to different schemes, for example, 3 work days and a rest day, or 5 work days and 2 rest days. Leading Crossfit instructors even recommend to change the time of training from morning into evening, or to work out in the afternoon with an empty stomach or full. It is also very important to choose the proper diet and sport nutrition. Another example, if you are a fireman, you can try to work out with and without equipment; if military servant – with body armor and tactical vest, with weapons and unarmed.
    It is also recommended to work out in different climate conditions – from temperate climate to mountainous areas and regions with high temperature and humidity. The use of oxygen masks or gas masks will also be quite effective.

    There is specific workout classification in the WOD programming of the Crossfit training guide. M is metabolic cardio, G is gymnastics and W is weightlifting and powerlifting. The workouts are designed by experienced instructors, and they can be arranged into cycles for weeks, months, and even years. These types are performed separately. But it is also effective to perform them in combination on different days GM, GW, and even GWM, and others. Each training is unique, the correct alternation of the exercises in modality and duration is maintained. Every athlete can create own program and register it on the official sites, and it may even come into Crossfit Open and Crossfit Games. But everything must be scientifically grounded. If you are bored with doing the same type of programs in gym – you can perform different wod workout and crossfit bodyweight wod (or create them by yourself) every day anywhere – outdoors, at home or in a club!