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7 Reasons Why You Should Do CrossFit

Functional fitness (aka CrossFit)


    But let’s take a look at 7 reasons why people do CrossFit.

    1. Fun This is actually fun. A lot of people speak about CrossFit as about “rest from work for adults”, “medicine against stress”.

    2. Communication During training, you will meet passionate, funny and interesting people. Quite often, after training, people discuss their plans for upcoming BBQ party, a trip to a ski resort or gathering a team for a competition. You are not only going to sweat during training with these people, but you will also make new acquaintances.

    3. Results CrossFit - measurable progress. A lot of us recording statistics of our progress in journal using the application on a smartphone or with a pen and notebook.

    4. Surprise yourself Most results are achieved through the ability to surprise oneself. You will not only carry out what you never thought you could, but will bring to perfection the movement which you have been working out with the instructor for months.

    5. Lifestyle changes It is difficult to resist a new lifestyle being around highly energetic people. Before you notice this, your weekend will start to consist of playing soccer with children and time spent in the gym. You will feel the benefits of movement and look forward to the days of mobility. Instead of meeting friends for a drink / ice cream, you will see each other in gym.

    6. Cheaper than therapy Have you ever had a bad day? You are angry, annoyed or offended. At this point, you might want to have a drink, cry, talk to someone ... or come to the gym and leave it all on the floor with sweat. Nothing helps better than some time spent with barbell.

    7. A burst of energy We all know that training gives a boost of energy. Now imagine what kind of energy we will get by combining all above mentioned points with workout. Your endorphins will skyrocket.