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The toes-to-ring exercise is a great way to work your abdominal muscles.

Strict toes-to-ring can be more difficult to complete and requires you to keep your legs and arms straight throughout the entire process.

Most people prefer a kipping toes-to-ring, which allows you to build momentum and complete more repetitions in a shorter period of time.

Gymnastic rings


How to do Toes to Rings:


- Begin in a dead hang from the rings with hands just outside shoulders

- Extend the legs up to the rings.

- Rep is complete when the toes make contract with the rings line while the arms are fully extended in a dead hang For efficiency, keep your feet squeezed together and toes pointed at the bottom of the rep. Keep engaged and tight in the shoulders, not loose and inactive Exhale as you raise your legs up, inhale as you control your legs down

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