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Handstand Walks

Schwierigkeitsgrad: Technisch kompliziert


How to do Handstand Walk :

HANDS AND SHOULDERS Put you hands on the ground slightly wider than a normal position for a push up. Make sure your fingers are spread apart. When you attempt the handstand you will notice putting the weight towards your fingers will make it easier to balance. Shoulders need to be intentional. You are not doing military press and you are not trying to widen your lats in attempt to “muscle” the handstand. Your shoulders should be pushed upward. Exactly how a full range of motion overhead lift would look.

HEAD POSITION This is a very tough aspect of the handstand and handstand walk. In the stationary handstand you want to develop the skill of keeping your head and spine perfectly straight.

BUT if you are walking you are going to want to see where you are going. So my tips are…when stationary try practicing looking straight ahead. When walking look where you are going but do not bend or contort the neck too much, it will really throw you off-balance.

THE LEGS I bet you want that perfect looking handstand…. We are not ready for that yet. You can practice keeping the legs straight when stationary, just like the head and spine, but when you are walking you can actually use your legs to help keep your momentum going.